"We all loved this game.

It's a great way to

teach history to my children."

- Isabelle E.






“Tested on Paris est Ludique festival.

I look forward :-) receving a prototype, ”

— Frédérique A.

“This game is very good and educational and we look forward to the definitive versions. 
Very good gameplay.

— Vincent B.

An amazing game, that's both fun and interesting ! I like to calculate my moves

and learn all the different ways I can be sneaky.

That's why I liked it."

- Lara S.P.


Benoit Clarys
Fabrizio Nastri
Pierre Cattelain

Fabrizio Nastri

Benoît Clarys

Pierre Cattelain

Game creator & editor


Fabrizio is an engineer by training, serial-entrepreneur, passionate about history, science, and passionate about analyzing and creating new systems ... all this passion concentrated in this new game Discovery that he has been developing for over a year, and dreaming about for a lifetime.

Illustrator & archaeologist

Benoît studied plastic arts and has been specializing as an illustrator-museographer in Prehistory and Archaeology for over 25 years.

He has participated in numerous archaeological workshops and works with several museums across the world always in close collaboration with researchers. 


Pierre began his career as an archaeologist more than 40 years ago, and now holds many responsibilities, including: Co-founder and Scientific Director of the Musée du Malgré-Tout in Treignes, Curator of the Viroin Ecomuseum (ULB) , Member of the Council of Museums of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and popular works.


Discovery was launched on Ulule, a crowdfunding platform, after about one year of development.  Funding was successfully completed on 15th May 2017, which allowed us to pay for the graphical design, new illustrations and all the editing work, as well as the production cost. Printing of the 1st batch of cards started in August 2017. You can now order your copy of the game on the order page. The game will be shipped out starting from the end of September.

Ulule - a crowdfunding platform