Nov 10, 2017

Solitaire in Discovery Focus


How do I play solitaire in Discovery Focus (was Discovery Memory) ? Do I look at the pile everytime if I'm in doubt ?

Nov 14, 2017

Hi Galactus,


The solo version for Discovery Focus is not described in the rules as its' not yet been thoroughly tested. So here are some preliminary rules.


> You can play solo in Discovery Focus by playing against 2 or 3 bots, or even 4 (if you play with only 1 bot, you can guess all its cards, so its not really interesting).


1. When it's your turn:

Obviously the bots can't stop you, so if you feel certain about the card you just played, you don't need to check. If you're not sure, you must place the card first and then assume a bot stopped you. You check the pile, and if you we right, the game continues (the bot has no penalty). If you were wrong, you discard the card, draw another and steal the last card from the bot who has most cards (if 2 bots have the same number of cards, steal it from the bot closet to your right - ie: the one who will play last after you).


2. When it's a bot's turn:

If you stop the bot, then you check the pile on the bot's behalf. If the bot was wrong, it discards that card and he draws another - you get no benefit. If you were wrong, you draw a card - the bot gets no benefit.


So this is a little different from the normal Discovery Focus rules for bots because you are the only who can stop a bot, so you get no benefit from stopping the bot (other than preventing it from decreasing its hand).


I'm looking forward to getting your feedback on these rules !






Nov 5


I am glad that you shared this article. Shaukeens


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