Discovery is not just an addictive fun and interesting game, it's also beautiful, endearing and great way to learn where we humans come from.


Each card represents a discovery, innovation or breakthrough in our history, whether technical (wheels, iron) or social (language, settlements) and relating to our way of life (cooking, clothing) or our knowledge (mathematics, astronomy).

Every card includes a beautiful illustration made by Benoît Clarys, and gives an estimate of the period when it occurred as well as a brief description of what the discovery is all about.

As was true in our history, most discoveries in the game are based on earlier discoveries, called prerequisites, and open the way to new discoveries.


The goal of the game is to earn the most points, by making discoveries and starting new eras.

So even in the competitive version of the game, cooperation is key as we all build on each others contributions.

That's the philosophy of the game! 

© 2017. Discovery: the evolution game

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