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The brand "Discovery: the evolution game" © and the website is published by Cosys, a company registered in the commercial register of Paris under the number 519 072 417.

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Protection of personal data

In accordance with article 34 of the French law "informatique et libertés" of January 6, 1978, visitors or customers of the site have at any time a right of access, modification, rectification and Deletion of data concerning them.

Data protection

Cosys makes every effort to protect personal data from any form of loss, damage or alteration, destruction, misappropriation, unauthorized disclosure. However, visitors to are aware of the risks associated with the technologies implemented on the Internet. Cosys employees who, through their function, would have access to such personal and confidential data shall be committed to the utmost confidentiality. In addition, Cosys implements SSL-type technologies for all payment processes that take place directly on the site of a reputable bank. Cosys therefore does not have at any time the banking data of the client and is obliged to refuse any transmission of this data by electronic mail, fax or telephone and makes available to its Clients the means necessary to allow payment in the best security conditions possible.


The whole of this site is subject to French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All rights of reproduction are reserved, including for iconographic and photographic representations. Reproduction of all or part of this site on any medium is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized by Cosys . Reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited. Any copy, even partial, of the elements constituting this site may be the subject of legal proceedings.


Terms & Conditions


Article 1 - Preamble

These terms and conditions (hereinafter "Terms") are concluded between:

First, Cosys , registered with the RCS Paris under number 519 072 417 and located at 10 rue Saint Paul, 75004 Paris, France.

And secondly, people, special or not, wishing to purchase via the website of online sales (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), hereinafter referred to as "Client "or the" Client "individually. Cosys and Clients below together referred to as the "Parties".

Cosys sells its products mainly by distance (s) or by post. Cosys has a storage room and offices that can accommodate customers looking for advice and / or to withdraw their order. All products sold by Cosys are listed on the websites of the Company (hereinafter the "Products").

Article 2 - Characteristics of the Products

In accordance with Article L 111-1 of the Consumer Code, Cosys endeavours to present the essential characteristics of the products which the Customer must take cognizance on the technical data sheets of the Products. Cosys reserves the right to modify the assortment of the Products according to the constraints linked to its suppliers. The information and characteristics are those given by the suppliers. Cosys is not responsible for erroneous data transmitted by the editors.

The photographs and graphics are given only as an indication and are mainly those given by the suppliers. In particular, the difference in perception of shapes and colours between the photographs or graphics presented and the Products cannot engage the responsibility of Cosys .

Unless otherwise specified on the Site, all Products sold by Cosys are new, and comply with applicable European Community legislation and standards applicable in France.

Article 3 - Price of products

The prices of the Products are indicated in euros, all taxes included and excluding postage. They take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the applicable rate may be passed on to the prices of the Products after the effective date of the new applicable rate. The VAT rate applied is a percentage of the value of the goods sold, 20% for a delivery in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco and for deliveries in the states of the European Community.

Since Cosys provider rates are constantly changing, prices posted on the site are subject to change at any time. They are also subject to variations for reasons of launch price, promotions or balances. All prices are subject to a typographical error. The applicable price is the one indicated on the Site on the date of registration of the order by the Customer.

Article 4 - Product Warranty

We undertake to replace defective, damaged products or to send you any missing parts. Cosys takes care of the shipping costs of the item returned in exchange. The provisions of this article do not prevent you from benefiting from the right of withdrawal (satisfied or refunded) provided for in article 7.

Article 5 - Availability of Products

Cosys works, depending on the products, on the basis of a stock in limited stock or in direct order from its suppliers. Therefore, depending on the case, the Products are available within the limit of the stocks available at Cosys or subject to the stocks available from its suppliers.

Products available in the Cosys stocks (hereinafter "Stock") for prompt delivery are accompanied by the words "In Stock". The availability of a Product can vary very quickly depending on the sales. Cosys regularly updates the availability, but cannot be held responsible if the stock is no longer the same as the one indicated. More precise information can be given to the Customer by telephone, e-mail.

If a product is not available in Stock, the indication "In Stock" is not included on the Product and the estimated date of availability (provided subject to manufacturing and shipping times by suppliers) is indicated in Its description. In this case, if the Customer makes an online purchase, he / she agrees to the indicated shipping time. If Cosys cannot obtain a Product ordered from its suppliers within the specified timeframe, it will notify the customer of the anticipated delay by e-mail. The latter may then choose to cancel his order, on the basis of this new information.

No cancellation penalty will be applied for such cancellation of order. Cosys undertakes to honour the orders received only within the limit of the available stocks of the Products or within the limit of the stocks available from its suppliers. In the absence of availability of the Products, Cosys undertakes to inform the Client as soon as possible.

Article 6 - Shipping and time limits

The products are shipped within 2 working days from receipt of your order and payment. We send you an e-mail with the tracking number of your package. The delivery time following the shipment depends on the delivery option you have chosen:

  • Letter with tracking number: Shipping Service follow-up letters and small objects up to 3 cm thick. Indicative delays given by the Post Office: "D + 2". The tracking number allows Cosysto know the distribution date or the reason for non-delivery. This method of shipping, more economical, does not allow you to follow the progress of the delivery.

  • Colissimo service: If you have opted for a delivery by Colissimo, this number will allow you one click to follow the progress of delivery within the network Colissimo. Delivery under 48h announced by La Poste. Your parcel is presented once - if you are absent, the parcel will be deposited at your nearest post office, a notice notifying you that passage will be deposited in your mailbox.

  • Collect: Withdrawal on site is offered in Paris in the offices of Cosyslocated at 10 rue Saint Paul, 75004, Paris. E-mail us at: [email protected] to schedule a withdrawal date.

Any customer can inquire about the state of transport of his parcel on the site of La Poste, by consulting us. Cosys cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery if they come from La Poste or its carriers.

Article 7 - Transport Risks

  • Delivery error

- The delivery address (which may be different from the billing address) must be accurate and include all the details necessary for a good delivery;

- An error in the delivery address, place of delivery, accessibility of the place, or any other problem necessitating the necessity of a new delivery could be invoiced at the actual costs of the new delivery, the payment of these additional costs alone allowing the new delivery.

  • Carrier Delivery Delays:

In the case of delayed delivery in relation to the deadlines announced by the carriers, the Customer must first contact the carrier or his distribution office in the case of La Poste. In all cases of significant delays, the Client must contact Cosys in order to open a litigation or investigation file to carry out a search of the parcel. Parcels may be misled by carriers.

Delays imposed by carriers require the Customer to report the loss within 10 days of receipt of the Cosys Notice of Shipment. Under these conditions, Cosys is responsible for making the necessary claims with the carrier concerned. In the event that the parcel is not found, Cosys will make a new delivery of the same Product (within the time of availability) or offer the reimbursement to the Customer.

  • Damaged parcels

The Customer must check the condition of the package before the carrier and issue the necessary reserves on the delivery note in the event of partial or total deterioration. In the absence of any reservation, the Product is deemed accepted by the Customer and cannot be the subject of a dispute concerning its delivery. The Customer shall, after issuance of these reserves, notify Cosys by e-mail so that Cosys can take the necessary measures as soon as possible, both from the point of view of the return of the product in its warehouses as from the point of view of a new delivery. In the absence of notification, Cosys cannot be held responsible for a long delay in taking over the new delivery.

  • Strikes

In the event of a strike by La Poste, carriers or any other exceptional event slowing down or preventing the delivery of parcels, Cosys will use all means to inform the customer of the condition of the shipment of its parcel, But shall not be liable for any delays caused.

Article 8 - Orders

  • Acceptance of Terms by Customer

These Terms and Conditions may be read directly from the Site. The fact that the Customer ticks the box "I accept the general conditions of sale" automatically entails the express acceptance by the Customer and without restriction or reservation of these Conditions. The Customer acknowledges by this act to have read and understood these Conditions and accept them.

Purchase by e-mail or postal mail also implies the acceptance of these Conditions which it acknowledges having previously read, understood and accepted under the conditions mentioned above.

  • Date of the order

The date of the order is deemed to be:

- the date of validation of the order by the Customer in the event of payment by credit card online;

- the date of receipt of the check or the transfer in case of payment respectively by check or by transfer. The deadlines indicated on the Site only run from this date of order above described. However, the availability of the Products remains the one indicated on the site insofar as the order has been validated online on the site and that the order date (actual payment) occurs within a reasonable period after the date of validation of the order.

  • Placing an order

The Customer may place an order with Cosys either via the Site, by e-mail or by post. The ordering must include the information necessary for the treatment of the latter under good conditions.

  • Order confirmation

An e-mail is automatically sent to the Customer to confirm the order, provided that the e-mail address indicated on the registration form is free of errors.

  • Follow-up of the order

The Client may at any time consult the status of his order on the Site by consulting his account. This monitoring allows the Customer to know the state of processing of his order, but also the state of shipping of his parcels. The Customer may at any time contact the sales department of Cosys in order to be informed of the follow-up of his order.

Article 9 - Methods of Payment

  • Means of payment

Your payment can be made in one of the following ways:

   - Online: on the website by credit card (credit card, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard) or PayPal.

   - By bank transfer: The data needed to transfer is provided on request by mail has [email protected]. Any transfer charges are your responsibility. Your order will be taken into account upon receipt of your transfer.

   - By check: Establish your check or postal order (payable in France) to the order of Nastri Invest SCI and attach it to your order you have printed beforehand and searchable in your account. Send it by mail to the address indicated at the top of your order form. Your order will only be taken into account when you receive your mail. The availability and dispatch deadlines must therefore be calculated from the date of validation of the payment by check.

Cosys takes all necessary measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted online (on-line payment on the Site). For this purpose, the Site uses a secured mode of payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The transaction is made via e-transactions (Wirecard Checkout Portal), which only has the banking information provided on the site at the time of payment.

In the case of an e-mail order, due to the lower level of security of this means of communication, Cosys cannot take credit card payments into account in order to ensure payment security with respect to his clients. The order by e-mail requires payment by check or by wire transfer.

  • Bill

The order form that the Customer establishes online or the confirmation of order sent by e-mail to the Customer by Cosys does not act as an invoice. Whatever the order and payment method adopted, the Customer can print the original invoice directly from his customer area. Cosys retains an electronic copy of each invoice.

In the case of delivery to an address other than the billing address, a delivery note is sent to the parcel, leaving only the reference of the products purchased.

  • Payment date

In the case of a payment by credit card, the Client's account will be debited only when the Products are shipped. Thus, in the event of additional delays or unavailability of Products, the Client account will be debited only when Cosys will be able to carry out the shipment.

In the case of a payment by check, the cashing is done on receipt of the check, thus notifying the validity of the order of the Client. In the case of a payment by administrative mandate, payment must be made within 30 days.

  • Late payment

In case of refusal by the bank of a debit card or refusal to cashing a check or other means of payment, it is the customer's responsibility to contact the customer service in order to settle his order by any means of payment .

Article 10 - Pre-Booking

Products pre-booked (pre-order) involve special management.

In the case of an order with products in stock and others in pre-booking, it will only be shipped when received pre-ordered products in stock.

Article 11 - Right of Withdrawal

  • Cancellation of the Order Before shipment by Cosys .

Cosys offers its Customers the possibility to cancel their orders at any time if it has not been shipped. Customer must contact Cosys sales department to signify such cancellation. Written confirmation will be requested from the Customer, either by e-mail or by post, in order to avoid cancellation by any other person than the Customer. The cancellation of the order is taken into account immediately after written confirmation.

  • Cancellation and refund after receipt

Cosys offers the possibility to cancel its order within 14 days after receipt. All products must be returned in their original packaging and in good condition, they will be refunded after re-shipment by the Customer. Shipping costs are not refunded. In all cases, refunds must be requested from Cosys commercial department in writing (e-mail or postal mail) prior to any redirection of Products.

The delivery costs resulting from the return of the order (even partial) remain the responsibility of the Customer. Cosys may not accept a refund of a portion of a Referenced Product. For example, in the case of bundling or "package", the Customer may only exchange or cancel the entire batch or package, including if the batch items are also sold separately on the Site. The return of the Reimbursed Products is the responsibility of the Client, unless specified otherwise specific to certain articles on the Site.

  • Conditioning

The products are packed in such a way as to comply with the transport standards of force, and to ensure optimal protection of the Products during their delivery. The Customer is required to comply with these same standards when returning a product, whether during an after-sales service or during a return for convenience. Any damage found to occur on return due to a problem of packaging quality not respected may result in a partial refund or a non-refund of the product in case of impossibility of resale in the state or in case of aggravation of the problem Technical support.

Article 12 - Jurisdiction

Customers who order via the Site, exclusively in French, are deemed to be purchasing in France and are therefore subject to French law. The attribution of jurisdiction in the event of a dispute, and in the absence of an amicable agreement between the Parties, will be given to the competent courts of Paris.

Article 13 - Informatics and Freedoms

The visitors or Clients of the Site have at any time a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of the data that concern them in application of article 34 of the law "informatique et libertés" of January 6, 1978 Cosys reserves the right to collect data on the Client including the use of cookies.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, rectify and oppose all your personal data at any time by writing to Cosys and Justifying your identity.