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In Discovery, each card represents a discovery, innovation or breakthrough in our history in our history.

Every discovery is based on prior discoveries, the prerequisites, and opens the way to new discoveries.

You can place a card if all its prerequisites have already been placed or if it has no prerequisites. All cards are placed on the table in the common discovery tree, organized by era. The players will thus reconstruct all together the history of the evolution of humanity.


Discovery is a rich and evolving game which allows you, with a single deck of cards, to play several types of games:

  • from simple to more complex,

  • faster or longer games,

  • games of attention and speed,

  • games of strategy and reflection,

  • solo or with up to 9 players,

  • individually or in teams,

  • with bots (virtual players),

  • in competitive or collaborative mode,

and offers a wide variety of game mechanic.

For adults and kids, from 6 years old, and ideal to play with the whole family.


You can play Discovery in many different ways. Here are some game rules to start with:

  • Discovery Introdiscover the cards and basic game mechanics

  • Discovery Memory: practice your reflexes and attention

  • Discovery Explore: test different strategies to maximise your points

  • Discovery Select: accelerate the tempo and add a dose of risk

  • Discovery Connect: give your neurons a good workout

  • Discovery Fusion:   combine the different mechanism learned for a rich and intense game experience 


Each type of game is very different. In Discovery Intro, the goal of the game is to be the first to empty your hand. In Discovery Memory, you will need to stay focused, remember which cards have already been placed. In Discovery Explore, on the other hand, the goal of the game is to earn the most points by making discoveries and inaugurating new eras.



Updated on 22 march 2020

  • Basic rules - simple games to get started
    (4 pages, A4 format)

  • Advanced rules - to progress to more complex games
    (14 pages, A5 format, print in booklet mode) 

  • Full game: download the full game (cards+rules) in print-and-play format
    (19 pages, A4 format, to print and play and home)

Questions, comments ? Check our Frequently Asked Questions
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