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Presentation of the Game

Discovery: the game of evolution is a card game on the theme of evolution of mankind in which you will trace les discoveriesand progress ofprehistoryand ofantiquity

Easy to learn, Discovery is an exciting and clever game!

For adults and children, from 6 years old, and ideal for playing en family.

Discovery is a rich and evolving game universe, which allows you, with the same deck of cards, to play several types of games from the simple to complex.

From fast and  intense 15 minute games, to longer strategic of reflection games of more than an hour, Discovery offers you so many possibilities that you will never get tired of playing it !

Video presentation


Image de couverture boitier Préhistoire

in English, made by Boardgames with Niramas

Rules of the game

Mines de silex

Discovery is a rich and evolving game. Play at several kinds of games. Check out the rules to find out more.



To learn more about the game and to discover  why people who played Discovery loved it. Have you ever played it? Tell us about it !

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