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Discovery is a playful and educational card game on the theme of the evolution and discoveries of humanity since prehistoric times. A simple game to learn, rich and captivating, it is suitable for all audiences, adults and children from 6 years old, and particularly well suited to families. Discovery allows you – with the same deck of cards – to play several very different types of games, alone or with up to 9 players.


Compared to the 2018 version, thisnew edition 2019of the Prehistory box has been updated following major revision work carried out with Pierre Cattelain, an internationally renowned archaeologist who has joined the Discovery team as Scientific Advisor. »


This Prehistory box (2019 Edition) covers eras 1 to 6 of the game. It can be played alone orwith the Antiquity box(2019 Edition), which covers eras 7 to 12.


This edition is presented in a pretty bell box (109 x 109 x 45 mm) containing :

- a game of110 cards:

     - 54 discovery cards

     - 10 cue cards (summary of rules)

     - 3 joker cards

     - 43 point cards

- 2 A4 cheese leaflets (open) with the rules of the 3 basic games


Prehistory (2019 edition in French)

SKU: 3.3
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