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Outcome of the Ulule campaign

Thanks to our numerous and generous contributors, we raised close to 6 000€ via the Ulule campaign which ended on May 15th (

In total, more than 300 copies of the game were ordered, 70% in French and 30% in English.

Thank you again to everyone who participated!

For those who missed the boat of the Ulule campaign, you can now order a copy of the game directly on our site:


* *

The funds raised via Ulule will allow us to finance:

  • The illustrations, most of which still need to be done,

  • The graphics design for the cards and packaging,

  • Printing and shipping the games.

To this day, we have all in all 108 cards to illustrate:

  • 54 for the Prehistory deck

  • 54 for the Antiquity deck

In Benoit Clary’s the vast portfolio, accumulated over his 25 years of career as an archaeologist and illustrator, we had found already about 50 beautiful illustrations for the game.

That means that there are another 58 cards to illustrate with new drawings. As Benoit makes very beautiful drawings, so this takes some time …


* *

The main objective is to finish all the illustrations for the Prehistory deck first in order to start production within one month. It will then take 2 months for printing and shipping.

So, you will receive the first copies of the game in August / September. We will finalise and produce the Antiquity deck thereafter.

Good games!

The Discovery team.

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