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Discovery : the evolution game – the English versions are finally on their way !

For those of you who have been following Discovery since its inception back in 2017 you may have wondered when the English version would eventually come out … well rejoice, it's coming soon !

Here's a quick recap of what we cover in this article:

  • 5000 copies sold so far in the French version,

  • new rules available for download,

  • a revamped Prehistory deck and a new Antiquity deck,

  • the English version available now for beta testing, and

  • a chance to win one of 20 free copies of the new game, and a guaranteed 50% discount coupon if answer a short survey on the new game!

But first, let's first back track little ...

We did a first print in English back in summer 2017, but this was only a small trial run in a pocket format (a flexible tuck case with just the cards).

If you had subscribed to the Ulule crowdfunding event, you should have received it … and probably haven't seen anything else since !

Well, in fact, we did kept ourselves busy with the French edition. We launched the French version in a nicer and bigger box format in December 2017, and have sold over 5000 units so far.

We attended several game festivals, found distributors for schools and libraries, and started selling in several game shops and museums.

We are now running out of stock, so it's time for a reprint !

New rules: better, lighter, smarter !

We have also made significant improvements to the game rules thanks to numerous feedback we received from both players and partners.

The rules have been completely overhauled and much improved, both in terms of clarity and game mechanics.

For easier access, we split the rules in two separate documents :

  • Basic Rules – short rules that allow you to start with 3 simple games (4 pages)

  • Advanced Rules​ – additional rules for more advanced games (a small 12-page booklet)

You can download the new rules on our website :

Revised Prehistory deck and a new Antiquity deck

We also had the incredible luck and honour of welcoming Pierre Cattelain to the team.

Pierre is a renowned archaeologist, faculty professor and he is advising several archaeology and prehistory museums in Belgium and France. He is now the scientific adviser of Discovery. Together with Benoît Clarys, our illustrator who is also a renowned artist in the world of archaeology, we have reviewed in great depth the Prehistory deck.

Here are some of the main changes:

  • added several new cards (Scavenging, Ochre, Hides, Tent, etc.),

  • revised and more detailed description for every card,

  • additional description for the illustration on some cards,

  • updated tech tree (prerequisites).

The new Prehistory box covers the period from the dawn of humanity to the Upper Palaeolithic (game eras 1 to 6).

Pierre and Benoît helped me complete the Antiquity deck, which covers the period from the Mesolithic to the Iron Age (game eras 7 to 12).

The Prehistory and Antiquity decks can be played separately, or both decks of cards can be combined to play a longer game.

The English version available now for beta testing

The English versions of the new Prehistory and the Antiquity games are now finished, but before we go to print we want to give you a chance to test it and gives us your feedback.

If you want to test the game:

  • send us an email,

  • we'll send you the PDF game files,

  • you can then print and test the game,

  • and finally fill in a survey to share your evaluation and suggestions.

20 Free copies and a 50% discount coupon

We will give out 20 free copies of the game for the best contributions, and a 50% discount coupon to all those who completed the questionnaire. Also please leave us review on BoardGameGeek, Facebook. → The deadline to respond is February 28th.

Once we get the comments in we'll press on the "print" button to get 10 000 new copies out :) !

We a 3 month production lead time, we should get them around May/June.

Personally, after 2 years of hard work, I can't wait to see the final product ... what about you ? Please tell us in the comment below !

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