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New graphics, new illustrations ... and we've just launched the 1st print batch!

Dear friends of Discovery,

After several months of work, we finally completed the development of the game and launched an initial print run of 1000 copies of the prehistory package: 750 in French and 250 in English.

Benoit did a colossal job to finish the illustrations of the 54 cards of the Prehistory package, and Barbara completely redesigned the graphic layout while remaining on an elegant and refined theme.

Here is an overview of the new cards:

It is true that it took longer than originally planned, but Benoit wanted to remain on the same level of quality and detail as his very first illustrations, quality that have made his fame for 25 years. It took more than 3 months to complete the first set of illustrations ... but we are really pleased to have such beautiful illustrations, and we hope you will be as well.

Here is for example the illustration of "Astronomy" card (era 6) :

Beyond the esthetic quality of the drawings, there is a real historical and scientific research, as well as a great attention to detail.


Other important innovations:

  • The introduction of families, with a picto for each family indicated at the bottom of the card

  • The number of the card, indicated on the bottom right, from 1 to 9 for each era, next to the picto. This number makes it easier to find cards of each era

The introduction of families makes it possible to enrich the game by adding an extra dimension.

We also changed the back of the cards, with the new Discovery logo, and a background mesh that recalls the theme of the logo.

All these changes could be achieved thanks to the help of Benoît Clarys who drew all the magnificent illustrations, as well as Barbara who made the graphical design.

A big thank you to both of them!


All the documents for the cards and the packaging have now been sent to the printer for a first batch of 1000 copies in a compact format (simple case, with just the cards but without the rules or the tokens). Production time is ~6 weeks.

The objective was to have a first delivery of games quickly in order to send them to you as quickly as possible. At the same time we are working on a second larger batch in a premium packaging format:

  • A rigid cardboard box,

  • Containing a booklet with the game rules, and

  • Token cards to easily count points

The production lead-time for this premium format is about 10 weeks, and we still need some time to finalize the rules booklet. So that's why we opted for an first batch in the compact format.

In addition, Benoit set to work again to realize a new series of drawings for the Antiquity deck. This will be the opportunity to test a new style of drawings closer to the game world ... we are looking forward to seeing the result!

Thank you all for your patience and support.

PS: Keep testing the game and give us your feedback, we need it for the 2nd print!

See you soon,


For the Discovery team

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