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1st print in compact format ... then 2nd print in box format

Developing a game takes time, a lot of time .... in any case more than I had anticipated and announced!

This is all the truer as it involves drawing 108 beautiful illustrations (2 packs of 54 cards each) and declining the game on :

  • 2 periods (Prehistory + Antiquity)

  • 2 languages ​​(French + English)

  • 2 formats (compact + box)

  • 3 editions (Standard, Battle and Empire)

... what makes 2 * 2 * 2 * 3 = 24 different versions!

That's why, to thank all those who have already ordered a copy of the game for your support and patience, we decided to launch immediately a first print to send a first copy out to ASAP. This extra copy will be send to you in the coming weeks, in addition to what you have ordered (which will take a few more months).

1st print – compact format

This first print is an medium print (1000 units) on the prehistory period, in English and French, standard edition. It will be delivered in a flexible case, without the rules booklet (which must be downloaded from our website) nor tokens (you can create your own bank with tokens, coins or bank notes from another game!)

Production time is 5 ~ 6 weeks. We will receive the delivery at the end of September.

This format is already on sale in our new online shop for 10,90 € (VAT included, but excluding shipping costs).

2nd print – box format

In parallel we prepare a second edition, in larger series and in a box format, complete with a rules booklet and tokens. This is the format that you will receive if you participated in our Ulule crowdfunding campaign or if you have pre-ordered on our website for price of 20 €.

Production time is 8-10 weeks, and we still need a few weeks to complete the design and layout of the rule booklet, packaging, etc. The tokens will be included but in the form of cards (specific cards representing values ​​of 1, 5 and 20 points).

This format will go on sale in our online shop in a few months for 15,90 € (VAT included, but excluding shipping costs).

To prepare as best as possible for this second edition, we would like to have as much feedback from you as possible: encouragement and criticism, both are welcome.

If you have already received a prototype, please download the new rules (available here) and try the game again to send us your comments via the online survey.

You will see, the game has evolved a lot!

Thank you all for your patience and support.

Good game !


for the Discovery Team

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